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My Appeal To The A.F.S.



"Government creates an illusion of quenching people’s thirst for justice. In fact, it lulls their conscience into thinking that the steamroller which is about to flatten them is their salvation. It isn’t."

Alexander Solzhenitsyn

I am a "freethinker." Let me clarify this broad label. I consider widely disparate perspectives, focus on their positive attributes, question authority, and challenge established beliefs. One can call me whatever one chooses. I live free of theistic dogma, find insufficient evidence to prove Yahweh’s existence, and strongly advocate keeping the state and the church separate. I embrace numerous current mainstream Christian politics, yet I loathe others. I am especially repulsed by Christianity’s heinous history. I am equally repulsed by the heinous history of Chinese and Soviet atheists. Furthermore, sadly, I am repulsed by the heinous history of our own United States. I think freely even within my own political party. I remain somewhere outside their ranks for I am a pro-life Libertarian. Only "freethinker" accurately describes this constitutional conservative.

I have been a rather poor member of The Atlanta Freethought Society. My thirst for liberty extends beyond the religious liberty for which we battle together. I have always felt out of place. The feeling reminds me of my younger years in church. I turn to you now, perhaps in a futile effort, to open the eyes of my fellow "intellectual elite." If I am accurate in my claims, there is everything to be lost by many generations of our loved ones. I truly desire that we prove ourselves to be of stronger moral fiber than those we criticize. Let’s not behave as they.

Too many secularists advance communism by accepting socialism in the name of "liberalism." The totalitarian and utilitarian aspects of such a political system deserve all the fear and distaste we can offer. Totalitarian states have a history of, and a propensity toward, oppression, enslavement, political and religious "cleansing," brutality, and genocide once total power is achieved. Police state incrementalism is taking place in America. Its growth can be attributed to the documented communist assimilation into American politics. Many Americans may not embrace totalitarianism openly or consciously. Nevertheless, they, perhaps ingenuously, allow totalitarianism to flourish via complacency. All too many secularists in America would look the other way if governmental officers kicked in their neighbor’s door, shot the dog, and stole the house. It is happening all around them, to the extent that mainstream media has been forced to acknowledge it. Secularists would vehemently protest such atrocities if perpetrated in the name of God. In the name of a bogus "war on drugs," however, they offer no objection. I do. I fear the hazards of complacency. I fear for my family, myself, and OUR country. If we grant government such power, it can unleash it at will for any reason (including pro-religion). Has socialism, raw democracy, or communism ever achieved idealistic goals? Have you been duped by the latest Norway propaganda?

The character of the state/church separationist who quotes the Constitution while stating a case, then sets the Constitution aside, should be questioned. Such a person is as great a hypocrite as the Christian we attack. Such a person demands constitutional government regarding religion, then allows that government to adopt a myriad of unconstitutional, socialistic, and totalitarian programs. The U. S. Constitution is the law of the land. Honor it all the way. Why excerpt appealing parts, interpret at will, and ignore the rest, as so many Christians do with their bible? Neither the Constitution nor the bible were written buffet style.

Secular groups express outrage when their tax dollars find their way into religious coffers. This outrage is strangely absent, however, when governmental authorities seize Christian dollars to fund secular government schools. Apparently, forcing Christians to fund secular education is less offensive than forcing secularists to fund Christian education. The old saying, "When robbing Peter to pay Paul, Paul won’t complain," rings true. What is the constitutional basis for America’s enactment of the 10th plank of the Communist Manifesto (Government Schools)? The 1st, 2nd, 5th, 6th and 8th planks?

The Atlanta Freethought Society and I share common ground in many respects, not the least of which is an admiration for Thomas Jefferson, America’s third president. I agree entirely with his position regarding church and state relations. Then I part ways with most freethinkers. There they end their Jefferson Appreciation Day, whereas I continue heeding his acumen regarding government overall. Jefferson opposed tyranny in ANY form. All too many secularists all too often reject one faith (of spirits) only to embrace another faith (of government). Historically, both breed tyranny.

Be wary of atheists’ rights, women’s’ rights, gay rights, Christian rights, and assorted other special-group-identity rights. American governments have no legal authority to establish rights. The Bill of Rights already delineates our rights. Governments will, however, grant privileges under the guise of "rights" to select groups or individuals that have potential to further government’s penumbral ends. If we grant government the privilege of granting rights, we give it the power to deprive rights. Also, we pave the way for our opponents to follow suit in using unconstitutional government power to force us to conform to their standards. Our fundamental rights offer all the leverage needed to ensure everyone the same liberties and freedoms. We must make do with what we have, and it is ample. Therefore, there is a need to honor everyone’s inalienable birthrights guaranteed by the U. S. Constitution. If America lived by the Constitution, all could live a life of freedom and liberty in their pursuit of happiness, regardless of group perspectives or identities. All "men" are created equal. That means all black men, all [wo]men, all religious men, all non-religious men, all gay men, and so on. However, with freedom and liberty come self-responsibility. Ouch!

To its credit, the Atlanta Freethought Society has honored a fine man, Sam Howell, with the Sam Howell Library. My library includes a few books that Sam passed on to me. I was already a Libertarian. These books solidified my position. Try honoring Sam Howell by appreciating his philosophy, not his bank account.

Our nation is far from perfect. A fine start at perfecting it lies in restoring the constitutional republic the Founding Fathers shrewdly, meticulously, and graciously provided. Then, only by a confluence of seeming adversaries bonded by freedom and liberty as Americans can we effectively battle our country’s ills. Such a bond proved successful when the Brits, Scots, French, Catholics, Atheists, Protestants, and others battled tyranny together in the trenches of America’s Revolutionary War. If they could stop fighting amongst themselves to form this country, could we to save it? I suggest we heed Tom Paine’s warning, "Love your country, fear your government." As long as we fight each other, we fuel the steamroller that is about to flatten us.

G. Zeineldé Jordan, Se.

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